Product on VINCIT LifeSciences
Vincit LifeSciences offers world class products and services for various critical illness and diseases. At Vincit LifeSciences, our purpose is to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve.
The products that fall in the Anti-Cough & Cold range are as follows:
Contains Dextromethorphan HBr 10mg + Paracetamol 250mg + Phenylephrine HCL 5mg + Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg/ tsp. Suspension formula.
  • Effectively relieves ‘COUGH’ & ‘COLD’ Symptoms due to Dextromethorphan Hbr
  • Paracetamol Normalises elevated body temperature
  • Controls Allergic Symptoms by Chlorpheniramine Maleate
  •  Phenylephirine HCL Helps relieve Nasal congestion
  • Overall rapid relief   And  Very safe for children

  • Fever – Runny Nose – Cough – Sneezing

  • Adults (>12 years) two tsp twice a day