Active Ingredients
  • Strength
    Dosage Form
    Retail Pack
    1x10 strip
    Contains Ofloxacin 200mg & Ornidazole 500mg Combination tab.

    Ofloxacin is a fluorinated 4-quinilone which is effective against several types of bacteria that tend to be resistant to other commonly used antibiotics. It has an in vitro activity against a broad spectrum of gram positive and gram negative and anaerobic bacteria. It exerts its bacterial effect on susceptible microorganisms by entering the bacterial cell and inhibiting a chemical called DNA gyrase which is involved in the production of genetic material DNA. It is indicated for the treatment of genitourinary infections, respiratory infections, gastro intestinal infections.

    Ornidazole is a 5 nitro imidazole which is active against protozoa and anaerobic bacteria. It acts by damage of DNA strands or inhibition of their synthesis. It is indicated for the treatment of several intestinal amoebiasis, hepatic amoebiasis.

    The combination of Ofloxacin and Ornidazole in a fixed dose combination is introduced in India which is having better therapeutics profile and less or negligible side effects. Its composition is each film coated tablet contains Ofloxacin 200mg and Ornidazole 500mg. Both The drug has the category of antibacterial. Ofloxacin and Ornidazole are soluble in water.

    Pharmacokinetic Data
    85 to 95 %
    Protein Binding
    32 %
    Half Life
    8 to 9 hours
    • Giardiasis or Trichomoniasis
    • Most Anaerobic infections
    • Bacterial vaginosis
    • Hepatic or Intestinal Amebiasis
    • Post-surgical infections
    • Orofacial and dental infections.
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